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Clean Beauty Lab
Clean Beauty Lab


Because everyone's skin is different, we at APOT.CARE have designed an unique collection of 10 pure serums to meet your skin’s personal needs.

Each pure serum focuses on one active ingredient and is formulated with the highest concentration recommended by French dermatologists to have optimal efficiency on your skin. These skin boosters are suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive skin and are formulated WITHOUT paraben, scent and other unnecessary ingredients.

Our quick skin diagnostic allows you to identify your main skin concerns and get your personally prescribed pure serum trio. This collection of ten potent serums, each designed to target specific skin concerns, can be mixed and matched to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Let’s get started.

Let’s get started.


1. Are you under 40 years old?
2. Does your skin tend to feel tight and dry?
3. Do you have oily skin?
4. Is your skin sensitive to traditional cosmetics?
5. Are you suffering from dull skin?
6. Is your skin lacking firmness and elasticity?
7. Do you have visible wrinkles?
8. Is your complexion showing dilated pores on the T-zone?
9. Do you have dark spots?
10. Do you an uneven skin texture?
11. Do you have redness / rosacea on your face?
12. Is your skin prone to acne breakouts?
13. Do you have acne scars?
14. Do you tend to have dark circles under your eyes?
15. Do you have fine lines around the eyes and lips?
16. Is your skin sensitive to the sun?
17. Do your often consume unhealthy, processed foods and drinks?
18. Are you regularly stressed?
19. Do you smoke?
20. Do you live in a city with air pollution?